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Hey Friends,

You’ve probably realized I’m awful at keeping my blog up-to-date, sorry. But I’ve been enjoying writing over at when time allows! For those of you who are interested, below are some links to the work I’ve been doing with them over the last several months.

  1. What You Can Do When Motherhood is Lonely 
  2. How to Love Your Muslim Neighbors Well
  3. How to Stay Thankful During Seasons of Suffering
  4. Does Prayer Change God’s Mind
  5. How to Stop Being Offended All the Time
  6. Dear Christian with an Eating Disorder: You’re Not a Failure
  7. Six Tips for Building Community: When You’re the New Girl Again
  8. How to Pray When Grief Makes Praying Hard


Thanks to all of you who take the time to read my posts and offer your support!



Kimberly Carroll

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