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You ARE valuable. Don’t Settle.

It breaks my heart to see so many women settle for a life that is far below anything they deserve. I see it in the lives of my friends, classmates, and countless others. I wish so badly that they could see the incredible value, worth, and beauty that they hold within them. I long for them to discover just how courageous they truly are and to see them refuse to settle for anything or anyone. Whether it’s settling for an abusive relationship because you don’t believe anyone else will love you, settling for complacency with an addiction because recovery is too hard, or settling for a mediocre life because the fear of failing has held you captive…whatever it is, you deserve so much more than a life of settling.

Are you settling for a horrible relationship? Ladies, there ARE men who will treat you with respect. There ARE men who will love you unconditionally. There ARE men who are trustworthy, genuine, kind, and selfless and who care much more about you as a person than they do about anything physical. They do exist. I promise! Please, value yourself enough to not settle. Wait for the man who can respect you, honor you, and love you selflessly. Wait for the man you can trust wholeheartedly. Wait for the man who appreciates your beauty regardless of how you dress, what you weigh, or what you look like. Wait for the man who can teach your future sons how to respect women. Wait for the man who encourages you, uplifts you, prays for you, and is proud of you. You do not have to settle.

Are you settling for a life of addiction, a life consumed by an eating disorder? There is freedom and it can be yours. I know it’s hard. I know it’s scary. But recovery is so much more fulfilling. Help is out there. You do not have to settle.

Are you someone who has been so afraid of failing that you have become unwilling to put yourself out there? Have you dreamed of going back to school but been too afraid to apply? Have you wanted to work a particular job but been too afraid to send in a resume? Have you wanted to build a friendship with someone but been too afraid to let them get to know the real you? Have you wanted to try a new hobby but been too afraid to step out of your comfort zone? Have you wanted to put your talents to use but instead let the fear of not being the best keep you from doing so? You do not have to settle.

God has created you with intricate beauty, talent, and wisdom. He has called you his beloved daughter. When He looks at you, He sees his magnificent masterpiece. He sees his precious child that He created to be in relationship with Him and He cherishes you. He did not create you so that you could disappear into an abusive relationship. He didn’t create you so that you could sacrifice your life to an addiction. He didn’t create you so that you could live in a prison of fear. He created you with a beautiful purpose unique to you. No one else can live out what he has called you to do, that’s why he created YOU. Your unique talents, your unique personality, and your unique voice cannot be replaced by anyone else. Your life has meaning and He can do so much more with your life than you ever dreamed. But will you let Him?

Stop comparing yourself to others and saying “Well, they can have that great ____ (fill in the blank: relationship, job, etc.) because they are better than me…I could never have that because I’m not good enough…I’ve made too many mistakes…I got myself in this mess and now I am stuck here.” Listen, none of us are perfect and you’ve heard me say that a million times. You do not deserve to be abused. You do not deserve to be lost in an addiction. No matter where you have been, no matter what you have done, you do not have to settle today. This is the only chance you get at this thing called life. You can choose. Would you rather settle and only dream of what could be? Or would you rather grasp hold of the here and now, step outside of your comfort zone and really start living?

I’m not talking about going out and doing anything crazy. I’m talking about holding your head high for a change and using that beautiful voice God gave you to speak your truth. I’m talking about removing yourself from abusive situations, setting healthy boundaries and standing your ground. I’m talking about valuing the life that God breathed into you and letting Him use your unique life to make an impact on this world.

Yesterday does not have to dictate what you do today. What will you decide?

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